Meet the Character: Elnara Makatayeva

Sasha whipped round, eyes falling on a young woman shorter than even Maria, with a thick curtain of dark hair falling past her shoulders. Her olive skin was a shade or so deeper than Sasha’s, and her eyes seemed to twinkle with mirth under expressive brows reaching toward each other in the start of a unibrow. Sasha relaxed, seeing the jest in her smile.


Happy International Women’s Day 💐 COMMISSION BY @possiblynya (follow for art and info!)

Meet Elnara Makatayeva: Pilot with the 588th all-women Night Bomber Regiment. Her short stature houses a quick wit, technical expertise, lofty ambitions, and fierce loyalty & love for her friends.

While Sasha is the MC of my WIP 588, Elnara might just be my favorite character to write. Her personality almost demands to not be contained by page alone. Which is a good thing because someone has to keep Praskovya, her navigator, in check. Sasha has elements of my own insecurities and Elnara is who I aspire to be.

There have been a few exciting updates I’d wondered how/when to share, and this seems like the perfect way to start. Nya completed this stunning commission for me recently, and it helped motivate me as well as bring life to some of the badass ladies living in my brain rent-free.

This also feels like a perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day, honoring the remarkable women of past, present, and future. In relation to 588, history tells us that when WWII engulfed Eastern Europe, girls and young women from all over demanded the chance to fight. Finally, restrictions lifted, and they became the first to join the army in an official capacity, forming three regiments that conducted air raids against the invading Axis. They operated against the odds in outdated planes with no parachutes, at night, and decimated German morale. They became such a threat, any German who shot one down immediately earned himself an Iron Cross.

Women from all over made marks in history’s pages and they are all worth celebrating this day, this month, all days, all years. In these unprecedented times, it is crucial we uplift one another and understand we all win ONLY if everyone wins.

Please give Nya a follow and support her work. If you or someone you know wants a beautiful commission of your own, you can get more info on her page and Insta & Twitter (same handle).

Thank you to all who supported me and shared wisdom from your own journeys. I wish you nothing but success.

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