Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!! Participating in Leigh Bardugo’s #BAYMTGO and you should too!! It stands for Begin As a You Mean To Go On. Essentially, dedicate a minimum of just 15 minutes to something entirely for yourself that you want to help define your new year!

For me, that means: editing! Writing! Posting! Sharing! 📚💻 Right now I’m focusing on editing but I’ve also dedicated some time today to figuring out my online presence and how to share more of my work. It means the world to me that I’m reading on this journey to publishing my (first) novel. It’s all I’ve wanted since I was 7. So, this year, I want to learn how to do it in earnest.

So, this year is going to be for me. Growth, education, promotion, positivity. That’s what I’m going to allow myself for 2021. I’m very excited for it.☺

Editing is going well! Part of this journey includes not getting devastated at every little thing, and that part is gradually becoming more manageable. It’s very weird to already have pretty much everything done; the words are already there, now I just tweak 😆

How will you BAYMTGO? share your wonderful, indulgent plans! It can be anything: just 15 minutes entirely dedicated to what YOU want! Then, keep it going!🎉

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