About My WIP: 588


Working Title: 588

Genre: Historical fiction

Status: first draft complete. Now editing

Synopsis: When war engulfs the Soviet Union, everyone is expected to participate some way. Sasha dreams big with her head – literally – in the clouds but is ready to settle for factory work if it means participating. However, the front line encroaches ever closer to her home and family and so she makes the ultimate leap of daring and nerve to join the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, a group composed entirely of female pilots looking to prove their worth and enact revenge on the enemy.

Quickly, she feels out of her league after so much surety. Why? She has few answers that make sense. Until she makes it to the front, though, she may be her own worst enemies. Fortunately, she’s among the most remarkable allies she could hope for. She and her comrades mount outdated wooden planes and fly exclusively under the cover of darkness to launch dangerous attacks on the Axis armies and psyche.

Soon, Sasha learns that to save her home and family, she may have to learn to save herself.

Starting a novel means a lot to me today and to the child who fell in love with literature years ago hearing thrilling tales of fantasy, remarkable movements in history, and so much more.

I began writing 588 in early March on the eve of quarantine. Devastated by all the changes and the fear that woke me up early and kept me awake late at night, I stopped. Then, I realized: the only way for me to realize my dream meant I had to actually do the most important steps to it. Me. Only I could go after my goals. So, I set a rule: I had to write SOMETHING every single day no matter what.


On November 25, I got to write those two words: THE END

I could only have done that with a lot of priceless help from my friends and family. And from Sasha and her friends, who all had a journey that proved very important for me to take as well. I hope my novel can educate as much as it engages readers. One of my other greatest joys: teaching others with some of this devoted wisdom I’ve accumulated 😊


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