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Welcome to the official domain for author D. N. Daly. Here, I shall share updates on my projects, goals, milestones, tips, and more. Additionally, here you can find resources from other pages that can hep motivate you in the creative process.

Some of these posts may contain works of short fiction I’ve composed, some posted in full on my personal domain, The Quilted Atlas.

My lifelong dream to be an author arose when I was just around seven. Writing assignments never felt daunting to me – except perhaps when there was a page limit. I relished the chance to unravel the riddle of putting just the write words together in just the right order to make that one sentence that’ll create just the effect I want.

I’ve been writing since. For the most part, I write short stories, but lately I’ve shared analyses on various other forms of entertainment. Want to discuss the psychological basis for why we game, and thus why Animal Crossing: New Horizons was perfect for 2020? Or perhaps justification for a certain twist in DBH? I’m here for it.

My interests encompass just about anything and my work reflects that. In a startup, I eagerly covered topics relevant to me, born from personal experience, my identity, areas of research in classes, and more. Let me tell you about the wonders of mitochondrial DNA-

Well, maybe another time. There’s a lot to get to with this new year. There’s been a lot of work to get to for a long time and I plan to address it all. I look forward to sharing some stories, updates, and more! Be sure to follow me on other platforms as well for additional content!

Instagram: dndaly31

Twitter: dndaly31

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